New Blog Address

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I have switched my blog provider!  Tumblr baby.  Way cooler, and easier interface.  Same blog different look.  Check it out


TwitPic next best thing to FB friends

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I know its not exactly new by any means, but I am falling in love with twitpic more and more every day.  Probably because the people I follow are using it more and more every day.  The reason I love it so much is because it kind of takes away the barrier between you and the people you are following (which for me are often times people I admire, respect, or look up to in some way).  In the last 6 months twitter has been infected with celebrities, which isn’t all bad because some post some pretty interesting stuff.  My favorite people I follow tend to be musicians…..@glove @tprettyman …..etc

Now more and more they are posting pictures which is cool, because it makes me feel like I am on tour with them or out to for drinks.  They are just like pictures your friends would take.  The visual that twitpic is providing brings these people down to your level, and makes them seem more like…well…real people.  We are such a visual generation (Hello…why do you think tabloids do so well) that it is such a smart move for anyone trying to build themselves, their brand, or their celebrity (web 2.0 or hollywood).  Keep up the twitpic-ing, or yfrog, ubertwitter….whatever it may be.  Even if you love your life, usually you still want to see how other people live…..(again the tabloid thing…)

Here are some of the twitpics I have loved so much

From @glove











Ari Dancing

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Ari busting a move on the way up to the cabin….Anna aka Jamal helped.

July Fashion Story:Cruel Summer

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Getting Excited!

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I am getting jazzed for next week!!!  I’m going to the ASI trade show in Chicago.  I have never been to a trade show before, let alone a work trip.  New experiences all around.  Plus I get to go to Chicago, who wouldn’t love that?

I am planning on taking lots of video on my flip, and bringing the fun out.  Hopefully there is some interesting stuff to been seen.

Roadkill Stuffed Animals!

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This is too funny! had to post it.  From Julia Allison’s blog


This is a Pickle

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